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Resuming Small Connexion Groups! 

 Get connected today! Join a Connexion Group!

Study after study shows that small groups become the anchor for many people in the life of the church. While worship is always central, small groups provide amazing opportunities for spiritual growth and connection. During our visioning process, it was clearly obvious that there was a desire for a more developed small group ministry for our church


“Connexion Groups” were started in the fall of 2016. Connexion Groups are not short-term studies, they are on-going small groups of 8-12 people who meet either weekly or monthly for fellowship, accountability, and spiritual growth. Our Connexion Groups are facilitated by members of the church and each group has a focus. It’s important to know that Connexion Groups do not replace Sunday School classes or other groups like United Methodist Men or Women.


A description of all our active Connexion Groups can be found here. We encourage you to prayerfully consider joining one of these groups. Your life will be enhanced by doing so! If you have an idea for another new Connexion Group or if you feel led to facilitate a group, please contact Barb Combs, Director of Programs.   

Our small Connexion Groups are starting back up! We’ve had a break and it was at times difficult being separated from seeing each other face-to-face. Connexion groups are a great way to get connected again. All of our groups are re-forming so now is your chance to join one! Look over the list and choose the one that interests you the most.

Each of these Connexion Groups will meet in the Meditation Garden, weather permitting. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll social-distance meet in the Fellowship Hall. All of these groups are open to any person of our church family community, any age or gender, although you men might feel out of place at LEO….or maybe not! Small groups are a great way to get to know others from church and to help you grow in your journey with God and help our church’s life to grow.

Please text, call, or email me with all your questions about these groups. I’ve been missing talking with you!! Blessings, Barb


Spirit Journey

Facilitator: Barb Combs ( 

Meets: 2nd & 4th Thursday's at 11:30pm 

Description: The focus of this group will be about growing more fully in your personal relationship with God, including discovering ways to enhance your time with God through Bible Study and learning more about our Wesleyan heritage. 

Starting July 9th, our first meeting this summer, we’ll be discussing Jesus’ parables, using the book Inverted by Tom Ellsworth. Some parables to be covered are the Good Samaritan, the Shrewd Manager, the Wise and Foolish Virgins and more!

Prospective Members: Any person who wants to grow in their faith and become closer to God. 

Making Friends Lunch Bunch

Facilitator: Barb Combs

Meets: The 3rd Sunday at Noon (or after the 11am service) at an area eatery

Description: The focus of this group will be people who are interested in fellowship and getting to know each other.

Check back to see when we will resume. Probably late summer.

Prospective Members: Any people within the church.

Gratitude Connexion

Facilitator: Jan Purcell (

Meets: The 1st  & 3rd Monday evening at 7:00pm  

Description: The focus of this group will be discussing and discovering those things in our lives for which we are grateful. 

Beginning on July 6, with the book Living by the Fruit of the Spirit by Don Aycock, talking about love, joy, peace, patience and more!

Prospective Members: Any person who wants to grow in their faith and seek to be grateful. 

Read It & Reap

Facilitator: Barb Combs (

Meets: Monthly the 2nd Monday at 7:00pm

Began: February 2018

Description: The focus of this group is to share insights and thoughts around a book chosen by the group.

We will resume on July 13th. Read the Weekly Connection for the reading list.

Prospective Members: Any person who enjoys reading and book discussion. 

Bible/Book Study With Barb

Facilitator: Barb Combs (

Meets: Weekly on Wednesday at 7:00pm

Began: April 2020

Description: To dig deeper and learn something new  

Prospective Members: Any person who enjoys learning and sharing 

Ladies Eat Out (LEO)

Facilitator: Barb Combs (

Meets: Monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 11:30am

Began: January 2017

Description: To fellowship together in a relaxed atmosphere 

Prospective Members: Any person who enjoys getting together at a nice lunch